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​What I like about photography:
Fine art wise, I like to create a piece that brings people around my perception, stimulated by the arrangement of shapes and colors, or lack of, soft lines, hard lines. I love impressionist painters work and get inspiration in my own work from it.

I consider myself primarily a portrait photographer. I love getting to know people through my lens. I strive to show the core personality and essence of a person through their portraits. If my subject looks at themselves in one of my pictures, and says “That is so me”, I have perfected my craft. The same would be true in how a parent sees their child.  

On that note, I cherish the relationships I have the privilege of cultivating with my clients. Privilege, because they“let me in” to their vulnerability, and cast off the masks they wear for the rest of the world. Some photographers do babies, or seniors, or women exclusively, I Think of myself as “exclusively yours” photographer. I know, sounds like a cheesy commercial, but I’m sincere. I want to celebrate you riding in your first horse show at 10years old, your 16th birthday, your engagement and wedding, pregnancy, new baby, his 1st birthday..... because I SEE you, and I know you. You are my muse. The unique way you curl your lip when you get embarrassed, the really really full smile you get when you are bursting with joy, and the special scowl you have when your brother teases you,  are the goals of my capture.

My schooling and training:
I took my first photography classes at Daytona Beach Photographic School. A basic SLR class and darkroom lab. I got accepted to the Atlanta Collage of Art and attended for 1 year, but I really wanted to take more photography courses. I transferred to South Eastern Center for the Photographic Arts, in Atlanta. I was in heaven, completely immersed in photography, exactly where I wanted to be. Every day I HAD to take pictures for school, I worked in the lab/darkroom at school, all my friends were photographers. Atlanta is such a great photo town ,too.... tons of gallery shows, and awesome amazing landscape and cityscape close by. I graduated from SECPA and moved to Colorado, a small resort town in the Mountains. Over the years I have struggled to earn my living being a Professional Photographer, often having to take other jobs. But,  I am unequivocally a photographer at heart.  

My fav photographers: Alfred Stieglitz, I really consider him the traditional portrait master
Ansel Adams, the performance he was able to utilize from films (inventing the zone system), and his equipment (8x10 view finder camera) is so brilliant.   His ability to compose and read the light- is genius.
Jay Maisel’s work is like a study in color and composition
Jerry Uelsman and Angus McBean were so brilliant in creativity. Creating those incredible compositions in the darkroom, is excruciatingly difficult. They were ahead of the times, and really instrumental in progressing the art of photography to new levels.
Annie Liebovitz, love her work, I consider it to be very true to purist form of photography. Her attention to light and detail is breathtaking. Her images are magnetic stories.
Dorthea Lange, Henri Cartier-Bresson- there are so many I love.

See What others have to say about Pia:

"My now 4 1/2 year old daughter Lorelai and I started a photographic relationship with Pia when Lorelai was just 6 months old.  Out first shoot was at the beach.. Lorelai was happy and photogenic straight from the get go....  Pia was so helpful in making us comfortable during the shoot, giving great direction... her professionalism, sweet personality and extremely beautiful pictures had me hooked... we have done 6 additional shoots since, one was a wedding shoot at the beach...Pia captured my special day with amazing pictures... Lorelai is always ready and willing when it's time to see Pia, she actually listens much better and follows direction from Pia....  I highly recumbent Pia for any and all special occasions that you would want captured for lasting beautiful memories"  
Michelle Newman- West Palm Beach

Pia Star is the best photographer ever. She captures the very best moments. You will never regret having her shoot your event or family pics.- Candace Bennett- Lake Worth, FL 

"Pia Star is the best photographer. She gets all the best moments and memories in a picture that you could ask for. Love her work!" - Amber Nicole Busey- Jupiter FL

​"Pía is awesome! I don't know how she does it but she's able to get great shoots with little ones. I loved the pictures she took to my one month old baby, just beautiful. Thanks!!"-Michelle Mendez 
​de VonBorries- Stuart

"Pia has been our family photographer for several years now and we absolutely love her! Pia is amazing with all ages. Pia's energy, excitement, and passion really make the photo shoots relaxing, enjoyable and memorable! The talent Pia has for photography is one of a kind. She captures the most precious and priceless moments that you just can't ever imagine. Pia is amazing to work with. I always highly recommend Pia Star to everyone and anyone. You will not be disappointed in any way!!"
- Kally Nathanson- Jupiter Fl 

"Pia Luna not only shoots the most amazing photos but more importantly for people like myself, she makes you feel so at ease and comfortable with yourself that you forget the camera is even there..that to me is talent!"  Thu Hillier- Ft. Lauderdale FL- 

"Pia, your talent and generosity as a photographer is far beyond the ordinary! Receiving your package today felt like opening a celebration in a box! The product is phenomenal and of such quality. Even the packaging it comes in is fabulous! You're such a gem in the world! I feel so blessed to have your talent at my fingertips! Thank you!!!"  Ashley Lowe - Palm Beach Gardens- 

"I have done two very unique and individualized shoots with Pia and I could not of been more thrilled with the results! I was truly ecstatic. I don't feel any other photographer has captured the essence of my daughters and my style, life and emotions in such a true and sincere light. There wasn't a single part of the shoots I didn't enjoy from the laughs we had during the shoot to the excitement and joy in seeing the pics. I still find great pleasure in seeing them in my home. Pia is skilled, creative, professional and all around truly enjoyable! I adore her and can't wait to do it all again! She is the best! "
-Ashley Lowe, Palm Beach Gardens

"Pia was able to capture the true "feel" of our family and that is not an easy feat with a dog and 5 month old on board. Her pictures were captivating and she takes them with such ease, we didnt even realize the session had begun and she already snapped some gorgeous photos! Thank you Pia for making memories for our family to enjoy for years to come!"
-Ashley Lorenz, West Palm Beach 

"I have found a photographer for life! Pia has captured so many amazing moments of me with my family... especially my two daughters! Birthday parties, Christmas memories, Mother's Day pictures, etc.... Pia is so great with my girls and is so patient....We just adore her! We are so happy to have her as our family photographer!"
~~~~The Mahoney Family, Royal Palm Beach

 "We absolutely love every photo that Pia took of our family! They are so artistic and truly beautiful. She was great with our daughters and was able to so many amazing shots, even of our squirming toddler. I would highly recommend Pia Star Photography to anyone!"  
-Ashley Morse, Palm Beach Gardens

" Words cannot explain how much my whole family and I loved every single picture Pia took at my daughters Baptism! She has an amazing eye for catching life's precious moments when you dont even realize it! My family is in awe at how gorgeous every picture came out! she is a gifted , talented artist!"
Kristie Farrell, Stuart

"Amazing and FULL of soul!!! My VERY favorite photographer (and I AM picky)! Pia capture's the perfect candid moments, those are the pictures I want to cherish forever. Soon my house will be wall papered in only family photos by Pia Luna Star!!!!"
-Megan O'Neil Weinberger, Jupiter

 "We had a wonderful experience when Pia Star took photos of our daughter Gracie. She was amazing working with her. She makes it stress free, is fun and really gets great shots. The whole time Gracie thought she was just playing. She is very professional and her artistic abilities are amazing. We will definitely be using her services again. It was the best experience we've had with a photo shoot."
Angel Tallmage Maharrey, Royal Palm Beach